About Me



Name: Manfred Bruckner

Birth: 27. July 1979

Zodiac: Leo

Home: Austria


I am already taking pictures since a long time, but started intensively in 2004. After reading a lot of books and magazines, I wanted to widen my view. So I decided to visit the Photo-school in Vienna. This experience and the discussions I had with teachers and colleagues, helped me to develop my skills and to sharpen my eyes for the special moments, I am trying to capture.

My equipment at moment includes: a Canon EOS 30D, a Wide-Lense (18-55 mm), a Sigma Tele-Lense (55-200 mm; 1:4-5.6) and a Sigma Macro-Lense (105 mm; 1:2.8)

Recent addition: Canon EOS 5D Mark II with the 24-108mm lens and a
Canon  8-15 mm Fisheye lens.

Describing yourself is always difficult and hard, but I would like everybody to understand that Photography is more than a hobby for me and I am trying to see things in a different view. Capturing this feeling/expression/situation of that moment in a single shot, I am trying to achieve, and to show in my pictures.

Enjoy 🙂

Email: hello at manfredbruckner.com